mel: do i poop in the water

mel: do i poop in the hole

mel: look deep into Moto Moto's eyes and you will see that which you fear most

hay: poopoodoodoo

hay: poo poo doo doo

mel: give me alcohol

kay: he okloks like sans

mel: sans is my girlfriend

mel: clown nose honk sfx HELP ME clown horn AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

mel: what is

mel: Poop Cult

mel: what defines

mel: Poop Cult

mel: New York Babey!!

kay: bwai

mel: you can type on your phone with your tongue did you know that

mel: i definitely do not

mel: know that from experience

mel: aaaaaagehguhuesgh fremchbread........

hay: sigh

kay: sigh

mel: sigh

tim: sigh

mel: That Mutilated Corpse Looks a Little Out of Place

hay: murder ok

kay: FRICK

mel: its fabulous everyone is screaming

hay: have you ever eaten oackaging peanutd

hay: s

hay: i have

hay: they taste like Cheetos

kaypooma: but you

telepathic-melon: i did what

telepathic-melon: you have no proof

kaypooma: i thought the gold was baguettes

kaypooma: no don't eat harold

telepathic-melon: vore harold

kaypooma: i love severed fingor

kaypooma: what do you mean you dont have a finger collection

kaypooma: Furry itup baby

kaypooma: Meow mew nya nyan nyu mew meow meow meow nyafather

telepathic-melon: IM BEING FOLLOWED hELP

xXpersonXx: WHaT

telepathic-melon: cLOWNS WITH BIG HATS aRE FOllOWiNg mE

xXpersonXx: oH

telepathic-melon: anyway onto

telepathic-melon: the markiplier

kaypooma: no

kaypooma: no the markiplier

telepathic-melon: you started the markiplier you finish what you start

xXpersonXx: i ship glob and thanos

xXpersonXx: im gonna draw glob and thanos salsa dancing

kaypooma: did it die from all of the

kaypooma: stomping on it

kaypooma: wow your room sure does look a lot like the discord loading symbol

telepathic-melon: uiche iuce

telepathic-melon: qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq1qqqqq1qqqqqqqa1qaqqqqqqq1qqqq11111111111111111qqa1a`awqaqquiche quicjuihhhh

telepathic-melon: hhhhhhhquiche quiche quiche quiche quicheqaaazaaaaa1aaaaaaaw2a1`111w ui quiche quiche quiche i=ui quiche quiche quiche quiche uiche

telepathic-melon: just testing my QUICHE my KEYS

telepathic-melon: HELP ME FINGERNAILS HHURT!!!!!!!!!!!

kaypooma: are you okay

kaypooma: help i don't have arms

telepathic-melon: "hey do you know where jeff is??? we were supposed to play chess today and-"
"jeff??? jeff died 20 years ago...."

telepathic-melon: "oh dear i really shouldnt have made a deal with satan"

kaypooma: i don't need to make arms

kaypooma: but i'm done going vancouver

telepathic-melon: what- F O R T N I T E ? ?

kaypooma: um

telepathic-melon: yall are all bad influences

kaypooma: wanna sprite cranberry


telepathic-melon: aVALANCHE NOT EVEN IM THAT,,,,,,

uh watch videos

kaypooma: yeah not even I'M that watch videos

telepathic-melon: NOONE is that watch videos!!

timothy: who wants me to pour salt into my mouth

telepathic-melon: corruptable is now my favorite word

kaypooma: yeah corruptable

kaypooma: it's like a table

kaypooma: but it's corrupt

kaypooma: wanna sprite cranberry

telepathic-melon: i wanna sprite DIE

kaypooma: i think that's their next prototype flavor

telepathic-melon: ok my turn

telepathic-melon: sans summons the gehenna gate

telepathic-melon: oh ok

kaypooma: sans summons the gehenna gate

kaypooma: if it hurts,

kaypooma: i can't come up with a rhyme

telepathic-melon: i have 3 stacks of cooked salmon

telepathic-melon: that song makes me feel PUMPED UP and now i wanna STAB SOMEONE!!!!!!!

timothy: M

telepathic-melon: HOO!! im gonna BITE SOMEONES THROAT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

telepathic-melon: i think my notro (pronounced "nahtra") rons out too (pronounced "tah")

kaypooma: 🌵⚡

kaypooma: cactus lightning

telepathic-melon: kermit dont kermit stop it kermit no please kermit dont do this

telepathic-melon: heres a character based off of my socks

telepathic-melon: is that

telepathic-melon: he??

kaypooma: yes

kaypooma: it's he

xXpersonXx: we are the satan

kaypooma: we are the satan

telepathic-melon: we are the satan